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DirtRunner is the best solution for all of the parents, who are willing to take a step further in training without leaving their children at home. Narrow paths, cross-country and hill runs (of course, with a little bit of common sense) – those terrains, previously reserved for the lonely runners, are now open for exploration with your little ones!
The solutions introduced in the construction of DirtRunner allow for keeping constant pace of your workout without the need to stop or reduce speed drastically.


Feature that make DirtRunner stand out from the list of available sport strollers:

– No problems with exploration of narrow paths
– Comfortable running even on uneven surfaces
– Access to crosswise-steep terrain passages
– The wheels are in line with your run – the force is put centrally which makes it easier to push
– Diameter of wheels is the biggest one in this market segment
– Both wheels are shock absorbent – the vibrations are decreased
– Deep seat keeps the small passenger in place even on steep runs
– Rear wheel brake makes it easy and efficient to decrease the speed when needed
– Framework design and foam upholstery elements assure passive safety in case of falling
– Wide range of child’s feet support adjustments give the feeling of stability and influence the proper body profile
– Individual production – possibility of applying personal requirements
– Bicycle leg type allows for stable parking on every surface
– Stepless regulation of grip position
– Minimal amount of framework connections provides stable and durable construction
– Wheel hubs with quick release system simplify transportation
– Half-tube bicycle car holders compatibility

What you should be aware of:

– There is no possibility to let DirtRunner go during the run
– The supervisor must be fully engaged in conducting the stroller (gives more – expects more)

Passenger restrictions:

– The weight limit is 25 kg
– The height limit is 115 cm (stable framework allows for complex modifications)
– DirtRunner is for children who can sit on their own

The story

My name is Janusz. I am the founder of DirtRunner. But mostly, I am the father of three, who likes to spend time actively. The idea of Dirt Runner was born when I was using the regular stroller and was not able to keep up the pace with my older children, who were speeding on their running bikes around the woods. This was the moment when I felt the need for a stroller that would be able to reach any route available for the young explorers.

I began to look for a vehicle that was made for rough terrains (uneven, narrow paths). Together with my children, I tested the solutions that were available on the market. We checked both classic as well as running, three-wheeled strollers. None of the models met my expectations, which extensively reduced the amount of possible routes.

At that moment the idea of a two-wheeled stroller reached the surface. Thanks to its unique construction, the restrictions when choosing a path no longer exist! Sinking in wet ground, snowy routes, the need of carrying it over obstacles – all of those are no longer the case.

How do I run with DirtRunner?

The construction of DirtRunner enables the use of special turning technique, which is not available in the classic strollers. It is based on adult vehicles like bicycle or a motorbike. The trick is to use the balance from side to side with appropriate weight distribution.
Because of that, two types of turning techniques can be defined:
– Correcting technique -> applied just by tilting the stroller
– Firm turn -> tilting the stroller together with decreasing weight and/or slide of the front wheel

How do we do it?

DirtRunner is a 100% Polish product. It is developed and produced in Greater Poland district. Its high quality is the outcome of several factors:
– Outstanding precision in elements production (digital machine tools)
– Precisely chosen components from the leading producers
– Long-term experience of the best craftsmen

Technical specification:

– 20” wheels
– Shimano Deore hubs
– Saiko rims
– Kenda (freeway) / Rubena (terrain) tyres
– Dual-pivot Tekto V-brakes
– Easton handlebars gripper
– Weight of approximately 14 kg – depending on the equipment
– Matched waterproof foil
– Pockets for oddments: 2 in the booth, 1 on the back
– 5-point seatbelts with extra grip on chest
– 100% aluminum framework
– Maintenance-free polyurethane shock absorbers
– Optional bicycle tow grip

I want to buy or rent DirtRunner

If you are interested in buying or renting our stroller we recommend e-mail or telephone contact.

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